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2021 – ongoing

“Child of the Canal Saint-Martin, Medecine Douce was founded in 2000 by Marie Montaud. Following a series of collaborations with some of the biggest names in fashion, the brand has now found a home on Rue de Marseille in Paris. A space for both the boutique and the workshop, these form the two essential parts of the brand, working in synergy.

For Medecine Douce, choosing a piece of jewelry means taking care of yourself, doing something deeply intimate to make you feel better, more positive, and better aligned.

And when you choose jewelry designed and manufactured with care, authenticity and transparency for somebody else, you are taking care of them too. This is a way to take care of the world and choosing to make a difference. You are choosing an item made with care by an artisan, and supporting the local communities and the values which make us human.”

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