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2023 – ongoing

“The holistic method about to revolutionize your mamalife!

It’s a method we’ve tested, experimented, and from which we’ve seen tangible results, powerfully changing our pregnancies and post-partum. We’ve realized that by acting, not only on one aspect of our daily life, but several, mamalife had a better taste… Our method was born! It would have been selfish of us to keep it to ourselves! Our dearest wish: sharing it with all the mamas on Earth!

Our Holi method is grounded on a triptych whose elements are inseparable : BODY, ENERGY and MINDSET, which comes alive through movement, information and mama community.

Thanks to the mama community, you’ll be able to live a (more) serene pregnancy, a cool(er) mama life and to move with (or without -no judgment haha) your kids.

Movement, you’ll find it via yoga and pilates classes, to prevent physical ills, increase your energy and boost your mindset.

Informations are shared by our perinatal experts, sharing with you all the necessary knowledge so you don’t feel unaware facing this or that situation, and so you feel much more serene.

Simply put, an explosive cocktail to feel and be POWERFUL! Enjoy the most of your mamalife and suffer less!”

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