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2020 – ongoing

“Coming to Lasry Dental Clinic will ensure you high-quality treatments using cutting-edge materials and technology. Indeed, our tailored services are based on your needs and a guaranteed vision of a trustworthy relationship.

Dr. Samuel Lasry and his team are committed to preserving and restoring the natural look of your teeth. Therefore, we use traditional and state-of-the-art procedures, which will bring the best out of your smile.

We are proud to do what we have been doing for +20 years, bringing our patients satisfaction when it comes to stunning white smiles.

In our patient-centric approach, we put all the tools at our disposal to make our loving patients feel at home when coming to see us. In fact, our top-floor office provides tremendous natural light that creates an amazing sense of comfort and relaxation. Also, all of our patient rooms are equipped with top-floor windows filled with sunlight, which helps our most anxious patients loosen up while receiving treatments.”

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